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Next Available Course

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The course will cover the following areas:

  • Increasing confidence in you and your child
  • Building a better relationship with your child
  • Increasing cooperation and dealing with general non-compliance
  • Finding alternatives to shouting, nagging and feeling out of control
  • Setting and maintaining limits for behaviours including bedtime problems, fussy eating, sibling rivalry, aggression, tantrums, homework battles and social issues.
  • Managing your own emotions and dealing with the bigger picture; This will be a space to think about your parenting style and to consider how your own life and experiences impact on how you relate to your child.  This knowledge and understanding will increase the success of the techniques and strategies discussed above.
  • A framework for thinking about and managing new parenting challenges as they arise.

We have developed a model that delivers core parenting skills in a systematic way and we spend a proportion of time in each session thinking practically about how to implement these skills according to your own circumstances.  Throughout the course we make use of the psychological theories of child development and a range of approaches including cognitive, behavioural and systemic models.


We run groups for parents of children aged 3-11. The small group size allows us to focus any individual issues that come up. As there are always two of us running the group we find that, when appropriate, separating into two groups (one for younger issues and one for older children's issues) works well when discussing how to relate the strategies to each family situation.

Please do contact us with any queries by using our register interest form, dropping us an email or giving us a call.



Five Session Evening Course:

The course runs over 5 consecutive weeks (usually with a three week break for half term, after the third week) with each session lasting 2
¼ hours and includes:

An individual pre-group meeting.
Handouts corresponding to the skills and topics covered.
An individual written summary after the third session.

Next evening course starts Monday 21st September 2020. 7.30 - 9.45pm in Hampstead, North London, or via video session (Covid dependent).


The cost of the programme outlined above is:

  • £750 for an individual
  • £250 for an additional parent/step-parent from the same family

Prices are inclusive of VAT.